Progress at Great Lakes Regional College

As those of you know who follow the blog, one of our main jobs has to ensure that the SEED building opens at the end of August for our first intake of undergraduates to become science teachers. So there is two parts to this update. The first is that the building is really taking shape now. We can see the final vision of what it will be like and it’s amazing. We have offices fitted, the painting is finished, the landscaping is happening. Still work to do but the end is in sight. What do you think?

photo (35) photo (39)

The second part is a delay in the plans. We are still opening in August but it is looking really likely that the first intake of students won’t be until March. This is because the regulations here have changed in terms of the number of hoops you need to jump through to get university status and we are not likely to get the licence to operate as a university now until October. In some ways sad news but in others it could be very exciting. The plan is to have High School A level students from all over the region come over and do science lessons in our building. Each week we will invite a High School or two to come over and get the SEED experience. This means I will get to teach lots! By the end of the day hopefully many of the students will be convinced they want to be science teachers with us and be ready to sign on the dotted. Then when they get their A level results in February they will be ready to start with us straight away. Delays are part of life here after all This is Africa but a completed building with a substantial interactive marketing strategy teaching science to A level scientists will be fun – and a challenge! Watch this space…..


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